How Fortnite coloring sheets make talking easier

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I printed out some Fortnite coloring sheets for when I see kids for counseling at the school where I work. I don’t sit there and watch students color, I color along with them.

Here’s why: 🤜I’m facilitating a more organic way that boys sit together and talk. 🤜I’m taking the pressure off of having to make direct eye contact or feeling like someone is watching the student as he colors which could feel stressful.
🤜We’re engaged in an activity that take the focus off of each other.
🤜I’m showing the student that I can talk Fortenite. This allows me to show him indirectly that counseling doesn’t have to be an arduous process, rather we can talk about things that interest/motivate him.

Many boys have had experiences in counseling where they’re brought into an office that is not “boy friendly”, are expected to sit across from someone who asks them to verbalize t to seek out counseling on their own they’ll have had a positive experience in counseling.

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