What’s ADHD Dude About?

ADHD can be defined as a continuum of lagging skills (executive functioning, social cognitive and emotional regulation).  The vast majority of mental health professionals and education professionals (teachers, principals, etc.) receive little to no education or training in ADHD.  As a result, they are at a loss as to help kids develop executive functioning and social cognitive skills.   As many parents have learned traditional “talk therapy” and social skills groups are typically ineffective for kids with ADHD. 

What complicates teaching kids these skills is our current child rearing culture (fear-based “helicopter parenting”, focusing on grades/standardized test scores instead of social/emotional learning and treating kids as physically and emotionally fragile) is extremely detrimental to the development of executive functioning, age-expected independence and for some, social skills. Furthermore,  research has indicated the the current child rearing culture can be directly attributed to this decades rise in child anxiety. 

ADHD Dude aims to counteract this unhelpful child rearing culture through parent education and coaching so kids with ADHD can develop their executive functioning, independence, social skills and resiliency in ways that will prepare them to be resilient, independent and socially competent adults. 




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