Individual Coaching

Please note that my waiting list is currently closed. 

Topics we frequently work on during online sessions:

  • Understanding others’ thoughts about you and how you come across to others (perspective taking)
  • “Learning how to accurately “read” social cues
  • Learning to differentiate what’s a “small problem”, “medium problem or “big problem”
  • Making and sustaining friendships
  • Developing cognitive flexibility in order to be part of a male peer group
  • Understanding the “hidden rules” of male-male social communication
  • Learning to be relatable to similar-age boys
  • Developing self-directed talk (using your “Brain Coach”)
  • Learning how to show an interest in other boys so they know you want to be friends
  • Going from “school friends” to outside of school friends

If you are looking for help with executive functioning please check out Executive Function Crash Course for Parents Webinar Series

In order for online coaching to be successful the individual needs to be motivated to participate and parents are required to follow simple guidelines in order to make their son’s coaching time productive.

30 Minute Session: $100.00
60 Minute Session: $200.00