Online coaching sessions offer an opportunity to get targeted help for your child and your family.  Unlike typical “talk therapy”, online sessions provide concrete strategies and skills to use with your child.

Areas we frequently work on during our sessions include:

  • Improving compliance at home
  • Moving away from being “prompt-dependent” towards being independent
  • Developing resiliency to get through non-preferred tasks
  • Helping fathers (and other male family members) be more tolerant of your child’s challenges
  • Improving cognitive flexibility (being less “black and white” in thought process)
  • Setting up incentives for completing non-preferred tasks (homework, chores, etc.)
  • Reducing compulsive video gaming/internet usage
  • Managing morning routine, homework, etc. more independently
  • Helping to develop self-advocacy skills
  • Teaching how to conceptualize time as a concrete concept (time management)
  • Helping your child transition from preferred activities to non-preferred tasks.
  • Improving compliance and avoiding power struggles
  • Setting realistic expectations at home
  • Helping your child shift from a sense of entitlement towards a motivation to earn things
  • Understanding how to move your child away from being over-dependent to feeling empowered
  • Managing your child’s emotional/behavioral dysregulation at home so family life is not revolving around your child’s moods and behaviors
  • Communicating with your child about difficult/uncomfortable topics

Please note that Ryan is not providing therapy during coaching sessions or operating in a clinical capacity.  If you are seeking therapy for a mental health issue please contact a licensed mental health professional in your area.

The fee for online coaching sessions is $120 per 55 minute session. 

Please contact Ryan to discuss next steps: