ADHD Dude Parent Crash Course is a 3 or 6 session course that provides parents with practical strategies to help them help their child improve executive function skills and social skills.   Unlike online ADHD Coaching or online courses, Parent Crash Courses gives parents what they need most-practical strategies.  

Part 1 (sessions 1,2, 3) of Parent Crash Course focus on executive functioning and building age-expected independence.  Part 2 (sessions 4,5,6) focus on helping parents of boys improve their social skills from a male perspective.    You may take Parts 1 & 2 at a discounted rate or sign up for Part 1 or Part 2 separately.  

We offer three separate versions of ADHD Parent Course for parents of children in elementary school, middle school and high school. 

Does this describe your child’s executive functioning challenges?

  • Has a hard time sensing the passage of time
  • Difficulty tolerating boredom and non-preferred tasks
  • Has difficulty when there are changes in routine or during transitions
  • Becomes argumentative or explosive when told to get off video games/computer
  • Requires constant prompting and supervision to get through any type of non-preferred tasks.
  • Believes homework will take much longer than it actually will
  • Struggles during unstructured times
  • Chronically disorganized, forgets or looses belongings
  • Under or over-estimates how long it will take to complete assignments
  • Has a hard time recalling how he/she performed a task in the past
  • Difficulty with future planning
  • Becomes easily distracted and/or wastes time with trivial matters
  • Focuses on small details and has a hard time getting the “bigger picture”
  • Has a messy school backpack or carries around too much
  • Completes homework but forgets to turn it in

Does this describe your son’s difficulty with social skills/reading social cues?

  • May be able to initially make friends but has trouble keeping them
  • Trouble understanding social cues 
  • Will act silly to get negative attention from peers
  • Has difficulty “reading a room”
  • Feels more comfortable communicating with younger children or adults than peers
  • Tends to have one-sided conversations, talks at people about his interests
  • Frequently interrupts others or says things impulsively, lacks a “filter”
  • Can be inflexible, often says “No” to anything new
  • Labels other kids with ADHD as “annoying” or “weird” despite the fact he acts like them
  • Lacks understanding how he is perceived by others
  • Has difficulty understanding other’s thoughts and feelings
  • Has a tendency to “police” other kids and tries to control them
  • Had friends in elementary school but became more socially isolated when he got to  5th/6th grade
  • Struggles in unstructured or semi-structured social situations but does O.K. in structured situations like activities/classes

Parent Crash Course consists of a weekly video lesson you watch at your convenience and one-hour live webinar in which you ask ask questions about the week’s material.  If you are unable to participate in the weekly live webinar you may view it at your convenience.  

All Parent Crash Course graduates are given access to a closed, private Facebook group for ongoing support. 

Parent Crash Course Tuition
Parts 1&2:  $180.00 (Best Value)
Part 1 or Part 2: $100.00