The ADHD Dude Membership site is Live

The Executive Function Crash Course and more are currently available on the ADHD Membership site! 

Executive Function Crash Course gives parents what they need most: Simple, practical strategies designed to address executive function challenges at their foundation so they can help their child improve his/her executive function skills and independence. Thousands of families have participated in Executive Function Crash Course. Read what parents have to say here.


Have you tried any of the following only to find that they didn’t help your child improve his/her executive function skills:

Here’s why those things haven’t worked:

ADHD is an executive function developmental delay. In order for kids to improve their executive functioning parents must change the way they use language and create the “scaffolding” to help their child improve executive function skills. Kids cannot improve their executive functioning through sitting in “talk therapy”, in a support class in school, etc.

Executive Function Crash Course provides parents with easy-to-implement strategies that produce results.

A few important things to know before beginning the application process