Frequently asked Questions

  1. Thanks for watching! ADHD Dude follows the American Academy of Pediatrics ADHD treatment recommendations which include Parent Training (provided through the ADHD Dude Membership Site).  Ryan does offer parent coaching appointments for membership site members.

Individual counseling (“talk therapy) is not a recommended treatment for kids with ADHD, per the American Academy of Pediatrics treatment recommendations. No type of individual therapy has shown to be effective in addressing ADHD-related challenges.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended treatment for kids with ADHD is Parent Training in conjunction with medication management.  Parent Training is provided through the ADHD Dude Membership Site.   Ryan does provide in-person coaching sessions for families who have been using the strategies & language taught in the ADHD Dude approach.  He  will only provide virtual sessions for kids who have attended the ADHD Dude school-year programs or summer camp.

ADHD cannot be treated simply by talking about feelings, rehashing the week or through creating a speculative narrative to try to explain behaviors. It requires specific training and education in order to address these areas of lagging skills. The ADHD Dude approach is a practical, skill-building approach to addressing ADHD-related challenges. It has been used by thousands of families.  You can read reviews here

The ADHD Dude approach has developed through two decades of experience working in schools and private practice, Ryan’s extensive training & education, and experience parenting a (once extremely challenging) son with ADHD and learning differences.   Unfortunately, we can not provide you with a referral to a provider in your area as the ADHD Dude approach is unique.  

Despite the fact that Parent Training is evidence-based and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended treatment for ADHD, insurance companies do not cover Parent Training. If you are an ADHD Dude Memberhsip Site member who is located in Arizona or Pennsylvania, Ryan can provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance company as he is licensed in both states.  (Please check your health insurance mental health benefits to see what will be covered by an out-of-network provider.)

Ryan does not provide free phone consultations and cannot provide advice or clinical consultation through email, social media, phone, etc. 

Boys entering grades 6th through 11th are eligible to participate in Trip Camp. Trip Camp is a small program in order to provide a high degree of individualized instruction. Please go to the Trip Camp website to learn more about Trip Camp.  

The research data shows that office-based social skills groups offer no benefit to kids with ADHD.   Our school-year programs are not social skills groups.  Our groups focus on addressing the social executive function skills that kids with ADHD struggle with the most.  Ryan is one of the only professionals in the country who specializes in socials skills for boys.  We do not recommend any type of virtual group, camp, etc. for kids with ADHD.

To our knowledge, we provide the only ADHD-specific programs in the country.

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