Frequently Asked Questions

Are your online services “therapy”?
While I am a licensed clinical social worker the coaching services provided through ADHD Dude are not “therapy”.  At this time, coaching is still an unregulated field thus coaching services are not reimbursable by health insurance providers.  Please seek a licensed mental health provider in your area if you are looking for mental health services.

What makes you different than  child psychologists, counselors, etc.?:The work I do  is vastly different than typical “talk therapy” or counseling. As many parents have learned, traditional therapy/counseling is not designed for boys which is why many boys become adverse to participating in therapy.  During sessions kids learn practical skills and strategies, not talk about feelings week after week.   Both kids and parents find this work to be a welcome change from traditional counseling.

What is unique about what you do for ADHD?  We’ve tried therapists who said they specialized in ADHD but they didn’t seem to offer anything specific.
Therapy was not designed for individuals with ADHD or related challenges.  Lagging skills in the areas of executive functioning, social skills and emotional regulation are the foundation of ADHD.  Traditional therapy does not address these skill deficits.  Many parents have shared with us that they have worked with mental health professionals who claimed they specialized in ADHD yet did not offer anything to address executive functioning or social skills challenges.   ADHD cannot be treated simply by talking about it, it requires specific training and education in order to address these areas of lagging skills. 

Do you know someone in (insert your town here) who does what you do?
Ryan sought out training outside of the mental health field that he knew would be useful to working with individuals who present with ADHD.  The work Ryan does is a unique combination of the training he acquired and his  experience.  There is no training program in existence where someone can gain the training that Ryan has acquired.   As a result, there is not someone in your town who does similar work to Ryan unless they have done the exact same trainings and focus on working specifically with males.

What are your fees and do you accept insurance?
Individual sessions with Ryan Wexelblatt:

  • 55-Minute Session:  $140.00
  • 30-Minute Session: $70.00
  • Telephone consultations and email correspondence requiring more than 15 minutes will be prorated at $90/hour

A credit card is required to book the initial appointment.  Your credit card will not be charged unless: you are a “no-show” meaning you do not call to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or you do not pay at your first session. Payment can be made through check or Venmo, paid in advance of the session.  Please note that ADHD Dude does not accept credit cards for session payment. 

Coaching is not covered by insurance and insurance companies will not permit you to submit an invoice for reimbursement.

My son currently sees a psychologist. Can he work with both of you?
Working with two professionals simultaneously can feel like “overload” to your son and would not be a productive use of time.  For this reason Ryan does not work with individuals who are currently being treated by a mental health professional.

How often do we need to meet?
The work we do involves “building blocks” to learning skills and strategies.  Ryan meets with most clients on a weekly basis.    If appointments are less than twice per month it is difficult for parents to see real progress.

What age kids do you work with for online coaching?
Ryan can work with individuals ages 11 and up.  Those younger than 11 are not good candidates for online sessions thus if your son is under 11 parent coaching would be best for you.

Does Ryan do online executive function coaching?
While Ryan can teach some executive function skill-building strategies in online sessions the work he does is not academic executive function coaching.   Most boys do not respond well to online executive function coaching and many parents have reported that when they tried online executive function coaching they found it was not productive. 

How old does my son need to be to participate in your Summer Trip Camp? 
Boys who will be between ages 11-16 are eligible to attend this unique program.   Families travel from across the country to participate in Summer Trip Camp thus early registration (in the fall) is recommended. Please go to our Summer Trip Camp website to learn more about this amazing summer experience.

I wanted your opinion about a few issues, are you available for a phone consultation?
Ryan is able to provide 30 or 55 minute phone consultations.   Please go to “schedule an appointment” to schedule your phone consultation and please contact Ryan to let him know this will be by phone.   Please select “online appointment” for your phone consultation.   Please note that Ryan does not offer free consultation through email, social media or by phone.

Please contact Ryan to discuss next steps