Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services “therapy”?
Coaching is not therapy.  While I am a licensed clinical social worker I have shifted my practice from therapy to coaching as the work I do is outside the ream of traditional counseling/therapy.   My belief is that ADHD is first and foremost a learning issue, not a mental health issue.  Much of the training I have done and strategies I teach comes from outside of the mental health field.  You can visit my YouTube Channel, the ADHD Dude Facebook page, or my ADDitude Magazine page to learn more about the work I do.  Please seek a licensed mental health provider in your area if you are looking for mental health services.

We’ve tried counseling for our son, it was not productive and he didn’t want to participate.  What makes you different than therapists, psychologists, etc.?
Many parents have shared that they have worked with mental health professionals who claimed they specialized in ADHD yet did not offer anything to address real-life executive functioning or social learning (social skills) challenges.   ADHD cannot be treated simply by talking about feelings, rehashing the week or through a therapist creating a speculative narrative to try to explain behavior.  It requires specific training and education in order to address these areas of lagging skills. T
raditional therapy/counseling is not designed for boys which is why many boys become adverse to participating in therapy. 

The work I do is based on how the male brain operates.  Our focus is on learning practical skills and strategies, not talking about feelings week after week.  Aside from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) the methodologies I have trained in and use do not come from the mental health field, rather most come from the speech-language pathology field (Social Thinking, executive functioning strategies, etc).  Both kids and parents find this work to be a welcome change from traditional therapy/counseling. 

You can visit the ADHD Dude YouTube channel or ADDitude Magazine’s ADHD in Boys section to learn more about the work I do. 

What are your fees for coaching?

  • 30-Minute Session: $90.00
    60-Minute Session:  $180.00
  • Telephone consultations and email correspondence requiring more than 15 minutes will be prorated at $90/hour

Please note that for most clients, online sessions are 30 minutes.   Payment is required in advance of session and can be made by Venmo or through check.  Coaching is not reimbursable by health insurance.  

How frequently do I need to schedule sessions for my son?
Most boys do best with weekly or bi-weekly appointments.  If sessions go beyond once every two weeks it is hard to generalize concepts/strategies we work on.   The idea is always to “scale down” sessions as there is improvement.
I watched some of your videos on the ADHD Dude YouTube channel and thought this approach is just what my son needs. Do you know someone in our area who does what you do?
Thanks for watching!  My approach is based on extensive training I acquired along with my years experience and unique approach I developed.    There is no training program where one can go to develop my specific skill set which why you will not find psychologists, counselors, etc.  who have a similar approach in your area. As a result, I cannot provide you with a referral to professional in your area who does similar work.
Do you offer social skills groups?
Social learning programs will resume in the fall in the Philadelphia area.  You can learn more by visiting the programs page.   Regarding “social skills groups”.  I do not believe social skills groups are effective for boys with ADHD and hundreds of parents of boys with ADHD have shared with me that they found them to be ineffective as well.
 How old does my son need to be to participate in your Summer Trip Camp? 
Boys entering grades 6th through 10th are eligible to participate in Summer Trip Camp.  Summer Trip Camp is a small program in order to provide a high degree of individualized instruction in executive functioning and Social Thinking concepts.  There are only 10 spots available and an extensive waiting list thus early registration is strongly encouraged.   Please go to the Summer Trip Camp website to learn more about this amazing summer experience.  

We don’t live in New Jersey, can you do online sessions with us?
Most of the work I do is online via a web conferencing platform.  In-person sessions are available for local families.   Please note that later evening appointments (7:30 P.M. or later are only for families on the West Coast). 

Please note there is an extensive waiting list for online sessions with me.
Please click here to add yourself to the wait list.