Guy Stuff: Puberty Education Program for Boys with ADHD

Guy Stuff is a hygiene/puberty education program for boys and their parents.

This unique program which began in 2016 is taught from a social learning perspective has attracted national attention and has been presented at national conferences including the Autism Society National Conference, the International Conference on ADHD and various regional conferences.   We offer separate versions of Guy Stuff for boys in 4th/5th grade and middle school.

Guy Stuff is a highly interactive and fun program that utilizes videos, games and group activities.   Each program includes a parents-only session so parents can learn how to effectively communicate about these topics with their sons.   

Age-appropriate topics taught within a social learning context include:

  • Hygiene
  • Puberty
  • Reproductive anatomy
  • Language: Understanding correct terms and slang and knowing when to use each
  • Socially appropriate behaviors at home and school
  • Decision making skills
  • Safe and appropriate internet usage
  • Healthy body image
  • Understanding thoughts/feelings

Participants report that they learned a great deal from the program and found that the shared experience of learning amongst a group of similar-age boys allowed them to feel comfortable asking questions and sharing concerns.

Guy Stuff is facilitated by Ride the Wave Director, Ryan Wexelblatt and a male colleague who is a middle school teacher.  

Common questions about Guy Stuff

How do I know if my son needs Guy Stuff?
The information taught in Guy Stuff is extremely relevant to all boys with social learning challenges and their parents.  Many boys who struggle with understanding the social world can inadvertently say or do things that make other people feel profoundly uncomfortable.  Some of these things include:

  • Struggling with understanding social expectations during puberty
  • Not taking care of their hygiene in an age-expected manner
  • Becoming curious about female family member’s bodies
  • Putting their hands on their private parts when other people are present
  • Giving unwanted attention to people whom they feel an attraction towards
  • Saying inappropriate things because they lack an understanding of others’ thoughts and feelings
  • Walking around with an erection
  • Masturbating at inappropriate times and in inappropriate places
  • Exploring sexuality online through unhealthy channels such as pornography, YouTube Channels that contain false information, etc. 

What’s the different between Guy Stuff and “sex education” class in schools?
Boys who present with social learning challenges (ADHD, learning differences, etc) often do not retain the information taught in school health/sexuality education classes.  Furthermore, these classes are not designed for individuals with social learning challenges as they do not cover the social expectations and the “hidden rules” around these topics.  Guy Stuff is not about: encouraging dating, teaching about sexual acts or intercourse or teaching values (aside from being respectful of others’ differences).  

I don’t think my son is interested in attending, how do I get him to attend?
Learning how to be socially appropriate and make educated decisions around social interaction should not be a choice, it is a necessity to successfully function in the world.  We often suggest that parents explain to their son that they will be attending a fun class with other boys their age to learn about topics that all boys their age need to learn about.