In-Person Appointments

The ADHD Dude methodology follows (and expands on) the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) ADHD treatment guidelines which for children 6 and older are medication management in conjunction with Parent Behavior Training (offered through the ADHD Dude Membership Site and in-person sessions).

Please note that if you are unwilling to follow the AAP treatment recommendations, I will not be able to work with your family, and your son is not eligible to participate in our programs.

ADHD Dude offers In-Person Groups for Boys throughout the school year as well as a summer travel day camp.

Individual sessions are offered as a supplement to the ADHD Dude Membership Site and programs and are open to parents of boys as well as girls. Most individual sessions consist of parents & kids together, depending on age.

The ADHD Dude Membership Site empowers parents with strategies to help their child improve behavior, executive function skills, and social skills. Over 2800 families are members. Read Frequently Asked Questions. Using the strategies on the Membership Site is a more time and cost-effective option than individual appointments which is why I suggest that all families start with the webinars on the membership site.

Because many of the boys I’ve worked with have had negative experiences in therapy I ask parents to please not tell their son they are “seeing a therapist”. Rather, you can show your son some of the videos I make for kids at the ADHD Dude YouTube channel Dude Talk playlists.

To schedule an in-person appointment please contact us.

Fees & Insurance

ADHD Dude Does Not Accept Insurance Directly

You may still be eligible for reimbursement.

See the below information to determine whether treatment at ADHD Dude may be covered by your insurance benefits.

What Does “Out-Of-Network” Mean?

Because I have extensive training and am highly specialized I provide treatment that produces results, not limited by health insurance providers who have no understanding effective ADHD treatment and believe that all subscribers should fit into a “one size fits all” box. This means that payment in full is due prior to your appointment. I can send you an itemized receipt on the 1st of each month for the previous month’s services via email. This can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

How Do I Know If I Have Out-Of-Network Benefits?

If you see the terms PPO, POS or out-of-network on your insurance card, you will likely be able to receive a percentage of the cost of services back in your pocket. If you see HMO, Medicare or Medicaid on your card, then you probably do not have these benefits.

What Information Does My Insurance Company Need To Determine Whether They Will Cover Your Services?

Ask your insurance provider whether you have out-of-network benefits. If you do, ask what percentage they will cover for the following codes with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (I am licensed in PA & NJ):

  • 90837 60-minute psychotherapy session
  • 90846 Family psychotherapy (without the patient present), 50 minutes
  • 90847 Family psychotherapy  (with patient present), 50 minutes


You’ll also want to determine whether you have a deductible to meet. 

The fee for in-person sessions is:

$120 for 30-minutes (Kid sessions only)

$240 for 55-minutes

Topics We Frequently Work On:

To schedule an in-person appointment please contact us.

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