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Hey thanks for stopping by. You’re probably here because you’ve got a guy in your life who struggles with ADHD and all that it encompasses: difficulty feeling time, getting through non-preferred tasks, managing emotions, or maybe even making and keeping friends.

My name is Ryan – AKA the ADHD Dude. 

Originally from the Philadelphia area, I got my start working as a school counselor/school social worker, but I became particularly interested in social learning (social skills) when I adopted my son as an older child at age eight.

I couldn’t find any programs that were a good fit for my son, who struggled with social skills, executive functioning, and emotional regulation skills. It seemed like everything out there was geared toward kids with autism (which my son does not have).

But ADHD is not a disability or mental health issue. It’s a learning issue.

The ADHD Dude methodology is practical and relatable, and I provide strategies you likely haven’t heard anywhere else. My material is created for you, not for an academic textbook. And the ADHD Dude approach is the only resource in the entire world designed to teach social skills from a male perspective. 

My formal education came from Temple University for undergraduate work and Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work for my Master’s in Clinical Social Work. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, School Social Worker, ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider, and Camp Director. I’ve been a Therapist in private practice, a speaker at CHADD (International Conference on ADHD) multiple times, and I’m the creator of the “ADHD in Boys” section at ADDitude Magazine. 

But what gives those credentials their real validity are the number of testimonials and feedback from parents just like you, thanking me and telling me how relatable my material is, and how easy it is to digest. That it feels customized especially for them.

ADHD Dude evolved out of my private therapy practice, school-year social learning programs and summer camp program when I began sharing the work I do on social media. While I knew the work I was doing was unique and there was no one doing anything similar, I had no idea that it would attract worldwide attention.

Although I am based in New Jersey, I work with families across the United States and internationally. Families travel from throughout the country for their sons to attend Trip Camp each summer as there is no other camp like it.

For the last 20 years, I’ve worked with kids and young adults who present with ADHD and learning differences – but I ultimately had to take the learning into my own hands because the mental health field simply doesn’t address ADHD for what it is: a learning issue.

I travelled around the country to learn about social skills, executive functioning, and cultivating positive behavior in challenging kids, and I combined that with my experience as a dad to a very challenging son, in terms of emotional regulation and behavior, to create material that’s relatable to boys and their parents, and that’s delivered in a way they learn best.

The bottom line is that no other methodology exists that elevates ADHD out of the mental health field through addressing ADHD as a learning issue, not a psychological disorder. 

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