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Ryan and son Austin
Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW, ADHD-CCSP

ADHD Dude Founder & Director

“This sucks and I feel uncomfortable” my 11 year old self thought while sitting in a therapist’s office that was clearly designed to appeal to moms, but was in no way welcoming to an 11 year old boy. The Therapist added to my unease by probing too directly about my  lack of friends at my new school. Despite her best intentions, we were definitely not connecting. She was not speaking in “boy talk”, and I was definitely not feeling welcome in this environment. 

That experience, plus similar ones with other therapists during high school eventually motivated me to become a different kind of therapist — one that thinks outside the box,  helps kids feel relaxed and makes learning comfortable. 

Years later I was looking for help with my own son to improve his highly challenging behavior , executive functioning, and social skills. Most resources spoke in generalities and offered the same strategies I had seen many times, and knew would never work. Well-meaning therapists get little training in ADHD (and neurodevelopmental differences), which is why I had to take the learning  into my own hands. I intensified my professional focus to areas outside of mental health that truly impact ADHD. These include executive functioning and parent skill training.

I created ADHD Dude because I realized that most families of kids with ADHD were getting ineffective help, losing valuable time and spending a lot of money with little results. We provide parents with the training they need to help their child build skills, improve behavior, and most importantly — feel better about themselves.  

For families struggling with ADHD, there is effective help that is aligned with research data and the American Association of Pediatrics’ treatment recommendations. ADHD Dude is for families who need real help, right now.

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