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The ADHD Dude methodology follows (and expands on) the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) ADHD treatment guidelines which for children 6 and older are medication management in conjunction with Parent Behavior Training (offered through the ADHD Dude Membership Site and virtual 1:1 parent sessions).

The ADHD Dude Membership Site empowers parents with strategies to help their child improve behavior, executive function skills and social skills.  Over 2200 families are members and see significant improvement when they implement the strategies taught in the webinars.  Read Frequently Asked Questions about the Membership Site.

Coaching sessions must be paid in advance. The fee for virtual coaching sessions is:
$120 for 30-minutes
$240 for 60-minutes  
Virtual appointments are coaching, not therapy thus are not reimbursable by health insurance.


Topics often covered during parent
coaching sessions with Ryan

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Have you checked out the ADHD Dude Membership site? Thousands of families across the world have successfully used the strategies in the membership program to help their child with ADHD improve executive function skills, behavior, and self-confidence.

The webinar series currently available on the membership site includes:

  • Executive Function Crash Course for Parents
  • Scaffolding Better Behavior And Self Confidence
  • Scaffolding Better Bedtimes
  • Twice monthly “Office Hours” where you can have your questions answered

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