Parent Coaching

Addressing ADHD-related challenges in kids requires parents to learn how to use strategies and change the way they use language to see improvement. You cannot simply send a child with ADHD to a therapist and expect results. The American Academy of Pediatrics treatment recommendations for ADHD for children over 6 are Parent Training (available in the ADHD Dude Membership Site) along with medication management. The ADHD Dude Methodology follows and expands upon the AAP treatment recommendations. Research has shown that traditional therapy/counseling is ineffective for kids with ADHD, however, this research is typically unfamiliar to both parents and mental health professionals.

The ADHD Dude membership site empowers parents with strategies to address behavioral, executive function, and emotional regulation challenges.

I have limited availability for in-person sessions at the ADHD Dude office in Margate, New Jersey. Please note I am not able to take on new, virtual coaching clients but have availability for consultations. The fee for virtual coaching sessions is $150/30-minute session or $300/60-minute session. My services are counseling, not therapy thus are not reimbursable by health insurance.

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Have you checked out the ADHD Dude Membership site? Thousands of families across the world have successfully used the strategies in the membership program to help their child with ADHD improve executive function skills, behavior, and self-confidence.

The webinar series currently available on the membership site includes:

  • Executive Function Crash Course for Parents
  • Scaffolding Better Behavior And Self Confidence
  • ADHD & Bedtime Webinar
  • Twice monthly “Office Hours” where you can have your questions answered

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