Parent Coaching Appointments


Payment made in advance through Venmo or Zelle.

30 Minute Session
60 Minute session

Addressing ADHD-related challenges in kids requires parents to learn how to use strategies and change the way they use language in order to see improvement. You cannot simply send a child with ADHD to a therapist and expect results. Research has shown that traditional therapy/counseling is ineffective for kids with ADHD, however, this research is typically unfamiliar to both parents and mental health professionals.

The ADHD Dude methodology empowers parents with strategies to address behavioral, executive function and emotional regulation challenges. This cost-effective approach can be done as-needed or regularly.

Ryan’s approach resonates particularly well with fathers. Please feel free to check out the Dad Talk playlist at the ADHD Dude YouTube channel.

Topics often covered during parent
coaching sessions
with Ryan