Parent Coaching

Do any of these this describe your son’s challenges?

Emotional Regulation Skills

  • Appears to be several years behind in his social and emotional maturity compared to same-age peers
  • Difficulty differentiating between “small problems” and “big problems”
  • Perseverates on the negative and has trouble letting go of things that bother him/her
  • Has difficulty when there are changes in routine or during transitions
  • Becomes argumentative or explosive when told to get off video games/computer
  • Has a hard time solving problems, wants you to solve problems for him/her
  • Tries to avoid non-preferred tasks
  • Lashes out at family when upset/angry and then is remorseful
  • Makes self-defeating comments
  • Does not understand how his tone of voice sounds to others
  • Has difficulty with competition
  • Low frustration tolerance
  • Holds it together during school and becomes irritable or more difficult to deal with after school

Social Skills

  • Relates better to younger kids or adults than similar-age peers
  • May be able to initially make friends but has trouble keeping them
  • Trouble understanding social cues 
  • Doesn’t know what to do in new/unfamiliar social situations
  • Tends to have one-sided conversations, talks at people about his interests
  • Frequently interrupts others or says things impulsively, lacks a “filter”
  • Can be inflexible, often says “No” to anything new
  • Labels other kids with ADHD as “annoying” or “weird” despite the fact he acts like them
  • Lacks understanding how he is perceived by others
  • Has difficulty understanding other’s thoughts and feelings
  • Tries to be part of a peer group who is not accepting of him
  • Has a tendency to “police” other kids and tries to control them
  • Had friends in elementary school but became more socially isolated when he got to  5th/6th grade
  • Struggles in unstructured or semi-structured social situations but does O.K. in structured situations

Topics frequently addressed in Parent Coaching sessions:

  • Improving compliance and avoiding power struggles
  • Transitioning off of screen time without a fight
  • Helping your child develop resiliency to complete non-preferred tasks
  • Improving executive function skills (going from being prompt-dependent to independent)
  • Setting realistic expectations at home
  • Helping your child shift from a sense of entitlement towards a motivation to earn things
  • Understanding how to move your child away from being over-dependent on you to feeling empowered
  • Managing your child’s emotional/behavioral dysregulation at home so family life is not revolving around your child’s moods and behaviors
  • Helping your son improve his social thinking skills

As many parents have learned traditional counseling does not address lagging social, executive functioning and emotional regulation skills associated with ADHD, anxiety with ADHD and related challenges  Furthermore, typical ADHD coaching and therapy is not designed for how the male brain operates. 

If you’ve tried therapy or ADHD coaching and didn’t see results, parent coaching with Ryan can provide you with the skills and strategies you need to help your son.

Coaching is not a replacement for mental health services.  While Ryan is a licensed mental health provider he is not operating in a clinical capacity through ADHD Dude Coaching services. 

Please note that Ryan does not provide online, academic executive function coaching.  Additionally, Ryan does not work with parents of students who are home schooled or attend cyber schools.

30 Minute Session: $70.00
55 Minute Session: $140.00

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