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Please note there is an extensive waiting list for online, individual sessions. 
Please click here to add yourself to the wait list. 

A few notes about individual sessions (for kids or parents): 

  1. Online coaching is not “therapy”.  While I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I am not operating in a clinical capacity through ADHD Dude Coaching.
  2. Coaching is available for boys ages 11 and up (as well as parents).  While most boys are good candidates for online coaching, not all are.  I will let you know within 2 sessions if I do not believe your son is a good candidate for online coaching.  
  3. The first 30 minute session is always with parents. 
  4. If sessions are not cancelled with 24-hours notice or if you are a “no-show” meaning you do not show up for your scheduled time, you will still need to pay the full session fee. 
  5.  Payment is due in advance of your session and can be made through Venmo or by check.  I do not accept credit card payments.
  6. If your son is currently working with a mental health professional he will need to finish with that individual before starting with me as I do not work with kids while they are simultaneously working with a mental health professional.  (This does not include psychiatrists or health care professionals who prescribe medication.)

When you’re ready to schedule

When scheduling for your son-typically, I do 30-minute appointments although they can be 55 minutes if necessary.  My suggestion is to always start with 30-minute appointments.  Please note that if your son is currently working with a mental health professional he will need to finish with that person before I can work with him.

Once your appointment is confirmed I will send you my coaching contract and forms to fill our before our first meeting as well as information regarding how to log on (it’s very simple). 

I appreciate you following these guidelines and look forward to speaking with you.  

Go here to schedule your initial appointment after we have spoken: