Social Skills Programs

Social learning programs will resume in the fall in the Philadelphia area.  Please add yourself to the Philadelphia area mailing list to be notified about programs. 

If your son had attended social skills groups you probably learned that it was not a productive use of your son’s time or your financial resources. 

Here’s why:

  • The vast majority of people who run social skills groups are women who (understandably) were never part of a male peer group when they were growing up.  As a result, they tend to teach boys scripted, social communication skills that are not organic to the way boys communicate with each other.  Often, they teach boys to break the “hidden rules” of male-male social communication because they do not understand how boys relate to each other.
  • The vast majority of social skills groups are designed for kids with autism yet allow kids with ADHD to attend.  Kids with autism spectrum diagnoses tend to have much more significant social challenges than kids with ADHD.  Parents have often shared with us that social skills group facilitators told them that their son was “the role model for the group” because he was the highest functioning.  
  • Most social skills group use a “one size fits all” approach in which they may group kids together with varying profiles (ADHD, autism, anxiety).   This does not work. 
  • The majority of people who run social skills groups have no formal education or training in social learning.   Anyone can claim to be a “social skills expert”.

ADHD Dude is the only provider of social skills programs in North America that are specifically designed for boys with ADHD.    Ryan Wexelblatt, ADHD Dude Director is one of the leading experts in the country on social learning (social skills) for boys.  Ryan has presented multiple times at the International Conference on ADHD, the Social Thinking Global Providers Conference and many regional conferences.  Additionally,  ADDitude Magazine created the ADHD in Boys section for Ryan’s content.   You can watch Ryan’s videos at his ADDitude Magazine author page as well as on the ADHD Dude YouTube channel.

An intake assessment is required for families new to ADHD Dude Coaching & Programs.  

Programs offered include:
How To Hang Out
Be a YouTuber
Guy Stuff