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Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW, ADHD-CCSP
Ryan Wexelblatt

I’m Ryan and I created ADHD Dude because I realized that most families of kids with ADHD were getting ineffective help, losing valuable time and spending a lot of money with little result. ADHD Dude provides families with the training they need to help their child build skills, improve behavior, and most importantly — feel better about themselves.

For families who have been searching for help for their child, there is effective help that is aligned with research data and Pediatric ADHD treatment recommendations. ADHD Dude is for families who need real help, right now.


ADHD Dude teaches parents and kids how to get better at emotional regulation.

Emotional Regulation Skills and Behavior?

  • Quick to anger/”meltdowns” and will be remorseful later
  • Struggles with not getting their way or letting things go
  • Inflexible, prone to “black or white” thinking
  • Will exhibit negative behaviors & treat family poorly at home but will not exhibit same behaviors outside of home, or when others are present
  • Tries to exert control through threats
  • Becomes explosive when told to get off screens or video games
  • Propensity to complain and be negative
  • Argumentative, will say “No” to anything new/unfamiliar
  • Will be critical of others but extremely sensitive to perceived criticism (Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria)
  • Can become physically agressive when not getting their way
  • Can be impulsive, appears to do things without thinking about outcome or consequences
  • Appears to not learn from past experiences
ADHD Dude teaches kids with ADHD how to improve executive function skills.

Executive Function Skills?

  • Has a hard time sensing the passage of time
  • Difficulty tolerating boredom
  • Has a hard time with structured writing assignments
  • Believes homework will take much longer than it actually will
  • Struggles during unstructured times
  • Has difficulty working with others/being flexible
  • Struggles with reading comprehension (remembers details but has a hard time summarizing)
  • Has a hard time recalling how they performed a task in the past
  • Difficulty with future planning (thinking ahead)
  • Becomes easily distracted and/or wastes time with trivial matters
  • Focuses on small details and has a hard time getting the “bigger picture”
  • Has a messy school backpack or carries around too much
  • Completes homework but forgets to turn it in
  • Not responsible with belongings, tends to lose things
ADHD Dude helps boys with ADHD learn better social skills and to understand social situations.

Social Skills?

  • Has difficulty understanding how they come across to others (perspective-taking)
  • Relates better to younger kids or adults than similar-age peers
  • Propensity to be inflexible, bossy or controlling
  • Can make friends but has trouble keeping them
  • Can do O.K. in structured social situations but struggles in unstructured social situations
  • Does not express interest or make an effort to spend time with peers outside of school/structured activities
  • Friends started to distance themselves in 5th or 6th grade
  • Difficulty “reading a room” or understanding what to do in unstructured social situations (like recess)
  • Propensity to use humor inapropriately
  • Quick to say “No” to any new/unfamiliar social experiences


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"Ryan, I've said it from the beginning... you are revolutionary. Your approach is groundbreaking and spot on. I believe in the next 20 years, you will be realized as the preeminent authority on ADHD... We are so thankful for you and the work you are doing! Keep it up! Many blessings are ahead for you!"
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"Thank you Ryan for the clear cut understanding and practical solutions for every day challenges. I study your webinars and videos and because of that my 10 year old is having success in every day life and all our relationships are better for it! Our whole household is better! Thank you seems inadequate. The world of ADHD needs you."
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"I have purchased some of your recent web video talks and I have never once found anything that you said to have been anything LESS than 1000% helpful and accurate. I know people must thank you all the time, but what you are doing is really such a life-saving service for so many of us parents and our sons."
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"Ryan gives clear cut language, tools and action which helps in every minute, every day situations. My son's ADHD won't ever go away but the tools Ryan has given reduces the negative impact this brain developmental delay imposes and supports our son in a way that allows us to maintain a healthy, loving relationship with our son. Our son has a great chance of success in life because of Ryan Wexelblatt."
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"For YEARS I've told their pediatrician and the behavioral therapist about their inability to understand time in a meaningful way and no one until Ryan has been able to tie it to ADHD in a way that makes sense or offer concrete solutions other than digital timers which usually result in more conflict. This is by far some of THE best money I've spent on trying to help my ADHD kiddos. I wish I'd had these webinars 2-3 years ago so I could have helped my daughter at an earlier age."
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"As a mental health therapist working in a school setting, I have been so excited to have access to the knowledge and expertise you provide for young people struggling with ADHD and their parents. In all of my career, I have not found much success in the typical protocols for helping with ADHD and I am hopeful what you have developed will be more effective for students, teachers and parents."
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"Your work is invaluable in my relationship with my son. Have stopped enabling his inflexibility. Have stopped being drawn into the oppositional vortex of doom. Making him accountable in his commitments by pointing out fluffy language and avoidance. Thank you, Ryan. He will be a better man due to your work."
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"I am an LCSW and single mom to a 6yo boy with ADHD. I have read everything and talked to so many professionals. Your style & perspective is exactly what was needed in my house. Always working on it but you give me hope. Thank you."
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"Your honest and no-fluff approach is appreciated. It is relevant, relatable, concise, and immediately actionable. As I always tell my kids, there are only so many hours in the day, so choose wisely; and on this journey, I choose the ADHD Dude method! You and your work are so very much needed and appreciated!"

Learn the top 6 blind spots experienced by families of kids with ADHD.

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