Executive Function Crash Course for Parents Webinar Series

Have you tried any of the following with no success?

Have you tried any of the following without success: therapy, checklists, timers, ADHD/Executive Function coaching

Here’s why those haven’t worked:

  • Lagging executive function skills are not a mental health or behavior issue
  • ADHD/Executive Function Coaching is typically focused on academic organization skills and does not address parent’s biggest stressors at home.
  • They do not teach parents how to help their son/daughter with ADHD move from “prompt-dependence” to independence.
  • They are strategies designed for adults that do not work effectively for most kids.


Meet Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW

Welcome! My name is Ryan (AKA “ADHD Dude”). I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, School Social Worker, Camp Director and content creator and father who has spent 20 years working with kids and young adults who present with ADHD and learning differences.

Meet Ryan

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