In-Person Programs for Boys With ADHD

Our in-person school-year programs are held in Tucson, Arizona.  (Trip Camp will be held in Tucson beginning in  June  2024). We do not offer virtual programs for kids and do not recommend them. 

Families new to ADHD Dude must go through the program application process. Please contact Ryan to begin the application process for our in-person school-year programs.

Guys Group: 5th - 8th grades

Guy’s Group is a fun, active program for boys ages 11-14.  During Guy’s Group, we play games, watch educational videos and learn strategies to address challenges common among boys with ADHD.  Optional trips during school vacation days are also part of the Guy’s Group experience. Guy’s Group is not a “social skills group”; the research evidence shows that traditional social skills groups are ineffective for kids with ADHD. Guy’s Group has been presented at the International Conference on ADHD.  

Program Tuition: TBA (Please note there are no discounts or pro-rated tuition for missed sessions.)
Program Time: Beginning fall 2024, please add yourself to the Tucson mailing list for information.
Program Location: TBA

The Guy’s Group curriculum is informed by research data on ADHD, boys mental health and medically accurate information.  Opinions, values or ideology are not taught in Guy’s Group, aside from treating all people with respect. 

Guys Group Topics:


Please note that ADHD Dude programs
cannot provide a level of support for boys who:

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