Social Programs for Boys

How to Hang Out will be starting in Margate soon.
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How to Hang Out is the only social learning program in the world designed specifically for boys with ADHD.  Unlike “one size fits all” social skills groups (which research has shown are not helpful for kids with ADHD), How to Hang Out provides an opportunity for boys to spend time with similar-age boys while learning the skills required to cultivate and sustain friendships.  During How to Hang Out we make food, go out in the community, play games and have fun.   How to Hang Out has been presented at the International Conference on ADHD.


Social learning concepts taught during How to Hang Out include:

  • Perspective-taking (Understanding others’ thoughts/feelings and understanding how you come across to others)
  • Learning to be flexible for the sake of being part of a peer group
  • Understanding one’s responsibility & the work involved in building & sustaining friendships
  • Learning how to go from “lunch table friends” to “outside of school friends”
  • “Reading the field” (situational awareness in unstructured/semi-structured social situations)
  • Showing an interest in others so they know you want to be friends
  • Getting through initial social anxiety in new social situations
  • Using humor appropriately


A few important things to know about How to Hang Out:

  • Photos and videos from How to Hang Out may be used in presentations and professional developmental trainings.  Photos/videos are posted on ADHD Dude/Trip social media. No identifying information about your son will ever be shared (aside from possibly his first name if it is used in a video). This policy is non-negotiable. If you do not want your son to appear in photos/videos he is not eligible to participate in ADHD Dude programs.
  • There is a two-step application process required to participate in ADHD Dude programs.  This is to ensure that prospective applicants could be successful in the program.  Going through the application process does not guarantee acceptance to ADHD Dude programs.  If I feel your son could be better served by another program I will provide you with a referral.
  • There are no tuition discounts or pro-rated tuition for missed sessions.  If you decide to allow your son to not finish the program, there are no refunds.
  • In order to encourage social interaction, participants do not carry phones with them during How to Hang Out.