Social Skills Programs for Boys with ADHD (Ventnor, NJ)

Current ADHD Dude social programs are held in Sundays in Ventnor, NJ.
Next Program Dates: January 30, Feb 6, 13, 20
Program Tuition: $160.00  (There is no pro-rated tuition or discounts for missed sessions.)
Program Times: How To Do Recess 10:00-12:00 | Guy’s Group 1:00-3:00

Families new to ADHD Dude must go through the program application process.  Please contact Ryan to begin the application process.

How To Do Recess: Grades 2-4
Social & Executive Function Skills develop naturally through unstructured play.  This can be challenging for many boys with ADHD who have lagging social executive function skills.   During the program we play different types of games, go to the Boardwalk and work on perspective-taking skills, situational awareness and learning how to be flexible in play situations.

Guy’s Group: 5th Grade & 6-8th Grades (Separate Groups)
Guy’s Group is the updated version of two separate ADHD Dude programs which have been combined into one. Both of the original programs have been presented at the International Conference on ADHD.  Guy’s Group is a fun, active program for boys ages 11-14.     
Age-appropriate topics covered from in Guy’s Group (formerly How To Hang Out & Guy Stuff):

The Guy’s Group curriculum is informed by research data and medically accurate information.  Opinions & values are not taught in Guy’s Group, aside from treating all people with respect. 

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